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British Folk-Music Setting Nr. 4, "Shepherd's Hey" Morris Dance Tune Four variants, collected by Cecil J. Sharp, dished up for piano by Percy Aldridge Grainger.

Naughty Puppies by Anonymous

Three Men in a Boat (to Say Nothing of the Dog) by Jerome K. Jerome

Also recommended but not in the public domain – check your local library:

To Say Nothing of the Dog by Connie Willis

A blind dog walked into a crossword puzzle


1 (4 letters) Sports org. that puts on March Madness

5 (5 letters) Dog with short legs and a long body

6 (5 letters) Dog with a powerful sense of smell

7 (4 letters) “My treat”

8 (4 letters) Traps spun by spiders


1 (5 letters) Opposite of everybody

2 (5 letters) Heavy haul for an ant

3 (5 letters) Gru's youngest daughter in “Despicable Me'

4 (3 letters) Financial support

5 (4 letters) When doubled, fluffy Chinese dog

(Adapted from the NYT Mini-crossword July 2, 2020)


Used by the kind permission of Leigh Rubin.

Most of these cartoons were harvested from this site.

Rubes (R) cartoon (C)Leigh Rubin - Used with permission.

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